The Gold Mine Collection (pre-order)

The Gold Mine Collection (pre-order)

  • $36.00

The Gold Mine Collection Is A Set Of Products That Is Geared Towards Your Most Delicate And Feminine Areas. Each Product Has The Ability To Protect and Cleanse While Also Engaging You Into The Feel Of An Rejuvenating Spa Night. 

In This Set You Will Find: 

Yoni Soap Bar (4.5-6 oz): created on a infusion of herbs nesting within the streams of aloe vera leafs and coconut water. This combination welcomed plenty of ingredients like Kaolin Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar, which helps with detoxing and balancing the PH levels. What I love most about this perfect bar of soap, is that it is deodorizing, yet the only scent you will endure, are those of the plants of its infusion

Yoni Essential Steam (1 tea tag): A herbal blended created to bring holistic relief to common issues we endure as women. steaming our Yoni is great for reducing menstrual symptoms, such as bloating and cramps. It is also known to ease heavy bleeding. Even If You No Longer Bare A Period, Our Yoni steam softens the womb, but also helps with detoxification as it increases and Stimulates vital blood flow. 

** please do note, the best time you should steam is after your menstrual, NEVER DURING. DO NOT STEAM IF YOU ARE PREGNANT.  PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU ARE ON BIRTH CONTROL. 
 You may experience improvement from fertility, a regular period, or the easing of menopause. 

Yoni Elixir (2 oz): Deodorizing Moisturizer: Created to moisturize the Vulva, while eliminating odors. Our Yoni Elixir is great for softening hair follicles which results in fewer ingrown hairs, and smoother pores

The Hold Mine Collection Bag, created as a cute essential to host all of your Yoni products. This bag ensures safe travel, as well as a sleek look.