About Us


You have to admit it, there is something so enticingly inviting about nature. Its imperfections are flawlessly vivid, as it gives unto us so willingly. At Luxe and Nature, we take pride in our products. We love the fact that all essentials are extracted in its purest form, and sought out from their orginal countries, therefore the skin will reap its nourishing benefits. 


Our Products...

Luxe and Nature creations are free from harmful chemicals and are ALWAYS hand-made to perfection for protection. These balancing combinations are carefully structured to restore nurture to sensitive and dry skin.

Luxe and Nature offers a soothing soufflé which is used for restoration and moistening. It is highly favored for its take on eczema and damaged skin.

Keeping up with our skin regimen, it is often ideal that we offer our Complete Body Elixir (a radiating nourishment), with our Silkening Polish (a gentle exfoliant),  as they truly compliments one another. Both products has a structural combination that allows the use of them to fluctuate tremendously. 


 Our Purpose Is To Provide Nutrimental Skin Care Products For Sensitive and Dry Skin, By Using Nature Derived Ingredients, To Moisturize, Exfoliate, and Cleanse. 


Many times in life we often forget how important personal skin care is, how it plays a big part with self-confidence. The way we take care of our body internally, we should also invest externally. I spent many years of my youth feeling self-conscious. It came a time where, Unlike my family and friends, I was not able to use the pretty, luxury packaged products. Not even knowing that the ingredients were not safe, My skin was unable to withstand the unbearable irritation from commercial based products that deemed to be for “sensitive” skin. When my skin would burst into hives or dry spells I would stay out of sight, fearing someone would see me. I was embarrassed for what I called my FLAWS.    

  Luxe and Nature was created from that. I have created a brand that caters to problematic skin before all else. It is amazing to experience warmth and comfort from plant based products, that boost your self esteem, while soothing and providing nutrients to your skin. Luxe and Nature restorationes collagen and confidence, and I am proud to be the creator and share it with the world!

- Kesha

             Luxe and Nature is more than just healthy skin care, its OUR LIFE STYLE.