Aloe Vera Rose Water Crème

Aloe Vera Rose Water Crème

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A Subtle Moisturizer To Soothe Your Everyday Skin Needs, Our Aloe Vera Rose Water Cream Is Much Lighter Than A Body Butter, But More Richer Than A Body Lotion. It Is The Perfect Combination Of Shea Butter, Emulsified In Aloe Vera Leafs. This Water Créme Provides Hydration and Moisture To The Skin.

* This Moisturizer Can be Applied To Your Face and  Body. This Product Is Unscented and Replaces Your Daily Lotion. 

Pure Luxe. In small batches, we carefully created a special handmade formulation using plant based, cold-pressed ingredients and/or steam distillation. We absolutely love our furry family, and We DO NOT participate in any animal testing. Our products are used to nourish and moisturize sensitive and dry skin while restoring balance and providing tranquility to your well-being.

2 oz Glass Jar

Directions:  Thoroughly massage the Cream into the skin using a circular motion. 

Key Ingredient

Unrefined Shea Butter: Natural emollient that moisturizes effectively. Reduces inflammation, and soothes the skin. 

Aloe Vera Leaf: rich in antioxidants, helps the skin heal quicker, provides the skin with vitamins and natural minerals and have a Protective layer that aids in retaining moisture. 

Rosehip oil :  and overall necessity for the skin, is known to naturally help heal the skin conditions as it moisturizes. 


WARNING FOR ALL PRODUCTS: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Keep Out Of  Reach Of Children and Animals! Consult your healthcare provider if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or being treated for a health condition. Statements made, or products sold through Luxe and Nature are NOT intended to diagnose or be used as medical advice. Please Consult your doctor before purchasing. We recommend doing a skin patch test before using.

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